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When are you open for sponsorship and what ages do you sponsor?

We are open year-round for sponsorship and we sponsor all ages, literally from 4 to 70-something! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or someone who is newly venturing into the exciting world of moto, we are here to help you find unparalleled support and confidence in Gaerne boots. To apply, you can use the contact form on our site, you can email your riding resume (attachments only, please) to:, or you can access our program through Qualification generally takes about a week.

Do you offer longer straps?

The straps in the top buckle positions of our boots are the longest we manufacture. Many of our latest motocross models feature an adjustable buckle system which can accommodate knee braces and larger calves up to an approximate circumference of 22in to provide a more secure fit.

Do your boots run true to size?

We like to say our boots run about a half size larger than a man’s street/athletic shoe. As we do not make half sizes in the majority or our boot models, and for example, if the average shoe size is a 9-91/2, we would generally recommend a size 9 in our boots, which will fit more like a 91/2 . The primary differences between the fit of our boots will be found in the shape of the toe box. Ultimately, we feel trying the boots on in person will be the best gauge of fit and comfort.

Do you make motocross boots for women?

We do not currently produce MX boots for women, though we have had luck in recommending the smaller sizes in our boots. Because the translation from womens to mens sizing is a consideration, we suggest women either locate a dealership to try them on for fit, if possible, or try on mens street/athletic shoes to better gauge your translated size. Our boots run about 1/2 size larger than a mens street/athletic shoe, which means if someone is an 8 or 8.5 in mens street/athletic shoes, they will most likely fit our size 8 boot.

Do your boots come in wide widths?

Our boots are made using medium width lasts, which means they are technically not any wider than average, though the shape of the toe box determines how much space is in the front of the boot. Currently, our boot with the most spacious toe box is the SG-10 model.

Do you take orders for custom boots?

Due to the high cost involved with creating the tooling that we use to make our boots, our factory does not accept custom orders for boots. A custom look can be achieved by using our boot graphics kits or by ordering colored parts to set your boots apart from current production options.

Do you offer colored replacement parts?

While we are not a retail facility and do not stock the entire line of Gaerne products and parts, we generally stock only black or white replacement parts. We are able to special order various colors in certain parts, though we are limited to what has been previously produced and is still in inventory. As these are special orders, they will take time to arrive from our factory in Italy. For more information or requests, please contact us at:

Do your boots have a warranty?

Our boots have a warranty against defects in workmanship for a period of one year, though certain parts are seldom considered for warranty replacement due to the aggressive nature of motocross in general. Policy may vary depending upon the particular issue and the cause of it, and so photos are necessary to make such determinations. In the event you are experiencing an issue with your boots and they are less than one year (proof of purchase required), you may send an inquiry to us at: In the event your boots are over one year old, we may have replacement parts available or we can refer you to a repair shop for assistance.

Do you accept returns/exchanges?

Our return policy is such that if the boots are purchased directly from Gaerne USA, and have not been worn, they can be returned or exchanged within 30 days, providing the tags are attached to the boots and you have saved the original product box, as well as the cardboard shipping box. While there is no re-stocking fee, shipping is non-refundable as the buyer maintains responsibility for transit in each direction to complete the transaction. Once product has been received and inspected, your account will be credited for the initial purchase price of the product or your exchange will be dispatched. Generally we have same-day turnaround for exchanges.

Do you sell your products on eBay or Amazon?

Gaerne does not sell directly through eBay or Amazon. We generally discourage using marketplace platforms to purchase our products, as sellers have been known to list items as “new” or “brand new” when the item has been out of production and outside of controlled storage conditions for multiple years. If you intend to purchase from these platforms, we encourage you to research your seller prior to purchasing, paying particular attention to the condition and age of the products they offer in general, as well as the seller’s return policy and their feedback, which has been left by customers such as yourself. If there is any doubt as to the age of the product you are interested in, the current production models can be seen on our Italian site,