Gaerne SG-12

Not all riders are created equal, nor are their boots, which is why Gaerne has invested 50+years in creating boots that are not only comfortable, but supportive as well. For over five years, we have continuously updated the innovative SG-12 to bring our riders the quality of Italian workmanship, coupled with thoughtful and on-trend design—because we’ve created and set the trend from the very conception of motocross boots.

With the latest updates to the SG-12, Gaerne has fine-tuned our dual-stage pivot system, devising the first stage to provide strong lateral support at the “Razorback,” along with a glide plate to keep the boot upper in a firm and upright position, as well as the second stage of the pivot system, which is fixed on a sliding glide, allowing for more natural foot position, but also acting as a shock absorber to reduce unwanted compression in the cases of over-jumping or bottoming out.

We’ve also created various features to give our riders more supportive security during their rides, including heat-resistant inner grip guards and anatomically shaped thermoplastic shin guards, which are adjustable to create a wider opening for accommodating larger calves or knee braces. In addition to the adjustability of the shin plate, our adjustable buckle system is comprised of four lightweight alloy buckles, which allow for a “tried and true,” fail-safe, simple easy in-and-out action, as well as their contribution to the expansion capability of the boot upper. The SG-12 also features our dual-composite sole, which is new in look but still features the anti-shock rubber that has become famous as a component of Gaerne boots—and that’s just the outside.

Inside the boot, beneath the Acronos gaiter, which is breathable and extremely stretchy, yet effectively shaped to keep sand and debris out, Gaerne’s memory cell foam lining adjusts to the shape of the rider’s foot to provide a comfortable feel and custom bond between individual riders and their boots, ride after ride. At the foot, a newly designed heel cup aids in shock absorption, in the case of rear compression during use, while the more streamlined toe box of the SG-12 allows for greater control of the shift lever and other bike controls. Our specially molded foot bed insole is engineered with venting near the front of the foot, and conjunctive shock-absorption in the heel to further support the lower leg.

The SG-12 boot features on-trend colorways, ease of access, adjustability, flexion and mobility, as well as aero-styling, with structure everywhere it needs to be, ensuring the comfort and security a motocross rider needs, to focus less on gear and more on the ride. Inside-out, the SG-12 is a standard of comfort, support, quality, and craftsmanship that boots worldwide are judged against, and created in comparison to. Gaerne: life’s short, enjoy the ride.