Malcolm Stewart Visits Gaerne Italy

Malcolm Stewart flexes his boot making skills at the Gaerne factory in Treviso, Italy


Treviso, Italy June 23, 2017 – One of the most well known stars of American Supercross, Malcolm Stewart(Bartow FL, USA – 1922), landed in Italy to visit the factory of Gaerne. He made the journey from the United States to check out the headquarters and examine the research and development and production departments.

“It’s great to be here today,” he said, “I put my full trust in Gaerne boots to protect my ankles so I am curious about every technical aspect of what goes into each boot. To see how my SG-12 boots are made and to understand the technologies and secrets that are required to make them so exceptional is an incredible opportunity.”

Malcolm Stewart was able to personally part take in the creation of a pair of boots that were made today inside of the factory. Since the boots are handmade, he was able to carry out some of the steps himself. This is only possible due to the true “Made in Italy” statement and guarantees top notch quality, something Gaerne has taken pride in for their 55 years of existence.

Malcolm Stewart flexes his boot making skills at the Gaerne factory in Treviso, Italy

“Now it’s all clear,” stated Malcolm at the end of his visit, “there was already no question about the quality, but now I have a real understanding of where the quality comes from. These boots are the result of so much passion and professionalism. Behind each piece that comes off the line, is a product that has been made by many experienced people. My feet are in their hands and it is undoubtedly easy to put my trust in this brand. The trust helps me make my job easier.”

The special partnership between Malcolm Stewart and Gaerne is strengthened after an experience like this. The marketing manager of Gaerne, Marta Gazzola, expresses her gratitude by saying, “Malcolm is one of our precious stars and a cherished talent, and along with our products, make an un-defeatable team. With the help of Malcolm, our design team can stay ahead of the ball in terms of creating forward thinking products.”

Malcolm Stewart is now preparing for a big weekend out at the 2nd MXGP race in Ottobiano, where you can see him at the Gaerne booth. Saturday and Sunday(June 24,25), Malcolm can be found signing autographs and taking pictures for most of the day.

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