For over 50 years, Gaerne has been dedicated to creating the finest footwear
available, for a variety of uses. In the same quiet Italian town where our
history began, we have ensured that the quality and pride in our products
reigns above others, by employing skilled hands and cutting-edge machinery
to craft our footwear to tried and true specifications. We take great pride
in our products and would like to pass that feeling along to our customers,
as confidence in your choice to wear Gaerne.

While we stand confidently behind the workmanship of our products, some
things, such as normal wear and tear are beyond our control, and as such,
our workmanship guarantee does not apply to products which are showing
damage due to conflict, misuse, lack of recommended maintenance,
modifications which effect fitment (as well as those to the motorcycle foot
pegs which effect sole wear), or unauthorized repair.

The following are examples of issues that are NOT warrantable issues:

Sole wear – This happens aggressively with sharpened foot pegs.
Broken straps – These catch on foot pegs and the kick starter.
Missing parts – Toe caps, strap keepers, straps, and pivot screws.
Broken buckles
Torn plastic – Wishbones and shin guards, holes torn in upper
Worn inner grip guards

While our footwear is created to perform under rigorous and challenging
conditions in sometimes abusive sports, it most likely will need to be
replaced from time to time. With this in mind, we invite you to read our
Boot Care section to learn how you can help those G’s on your feet
go the extra mile!